Choral Foundations

In harmony with the Savannah Children’s Choir's mission; unite, mentor and transform Savannah’s children through excellence in choral performance and music education...

SCC is pleased to announce Choral Foundations, founded February 2020.


Choral Foundations is an outreach program which exists to enhance choral education throughout Savannah schools by sharing SCC's choral music instruction across partnerships with music educators in SCCPSS schools. These partnerships are grounded in SCC support of music teachers across the local choral community, offering resources, education techniques, children’s choir repertoire, and more.


SCC is passionate about the growth of every young singer and through Choral Foundations seeks to encourage, support, and strengthen existing school choirs while uniting a diverse group of young people through music.

 Participating Schools:

Andrea B. Williams Elementary

Largo-Tibet Elementary

Savannah Classical Academy

Butler Elementary